Fans noticed a pretty major typo on Taylor Swift's new TS7 merch.

The 29-year-old singer may have proclaimed "spelling is fun!" in the lyrics of her new single  "ME!", but it turns out, her new merchandise could have used another set of eyes before it was sent to production.

Many fans who bought her $45 tees noticed it has a misplaced apostrophe so it reads “Your’e the only one of you/ Baby that’s the fun of you” when it should read “You’re the only one of you/ Baby that’s the fun of you.”

Swift has yet to publicly respond to the error, but the shirt appears to no longer be available on her official store. Still, this hasn't stopped people from pointing out the irony of all this and make jokes about it on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some fans believe Swift included a typo on purpose and that we'll eventually find out it was an Easter egg all along. Others even made a good point in saying the tees that contain mistakes might be worth money in the future.

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