Taylor Swift has a long, well-documented history in penning breakup songs, so it should come as no surprise that heartache has also had a hand in some of her friendships. Well, at least one of them, anyway.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Camilla Cabello revealed she and the "End Game" hitmaker met through mutual friend Hailee Steinfeld, and bonded while Cabello was in the throes of her first breakup.

"She sent me a breakup playlist and said, ‘Come over. Let's talk about it,'" Cabello explained. "I think the Haim girls were there. It was, like, a girls-night thing."

And Swift's influence has carried over musically, too: Cabelllo said her advice of "just writing it out" played a key part in the writing of her debut solo album, the self-titled Camila, even if many of the songs never made it past the studio.

"There were so many songs that didn't make my album that were just me getting it out," Cabello shared.

Now, over four months out from the album's release, she's opening for Swift on her massive, globe-traversing Reputation tour alongside British standout Charli XCX. She's also, apparently, moved on to a new relationship: Elsewhere in the interview, she lets slip that she has a boyfriend, but declines to reveal who, only offering that she's "the happiest [she's] ever been."

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