This weekend, Tara Reid will be appearing live in Shreveport, La for Geek'd Con 2016 at the Shreveport Convention Center.

While Shreveport-Bossier has not been directly affected by the historic flooding in the South-Central and South Eastern parts of the state, those areas are still Louisiana. One of the first things the nation is going to learn about this state during this recovery effort, is that we take care of our own. So, even with Shreveport-Bossier not experiencing the disaster, the city and area surrounding have been helping to pitch in. 

The national news media has appeared to be a little pre-occupied with the Olympics and Presidential Election to devote the kind of time and resources a natural disaster of this magnitude would normally get. A side-effect from that lack of coverage is that the donation efforts are not where they would normally be at a national level for this type of natural disaster. The Red Cross has already called this the worst natural disaster in the US since Super Storm Sandy, but the attention doesn't reflect that.

Some celebrities have stepped in to help efforts, with donations, and attempts to point the national spotlight on our state. But for most of them, the state of Louisiana is Bourbon Street and swamps. They don't see everything in-between.

As Tara Reid was making her way into the state for her appearance at Geek'd Con, she could no longer avoid the coverage. The state and surrounding region know what's going on, and we're talking about it, like you won't hear outside of our area. So as she became aware of the situation, she decided to act.

Last night, Tara informed Geek'd Con representatives that she would be contributing a portion of her proceeds from this weekend appearance to the flood relief efforts. 

In addition to Tara's generous gesture, there will be other donation points throughout the Geek'd Con event. Including the local efforts put together by Pokemon For Progress and Yokem Toyota:


As Geek'd Con helps to provide some fun and entertainment, a distraction if you will, for some who may need it now more than ever, there will also be efforts made to help those who need us right here in Louisiana. Whether it's stopping by Tara Reid's booth, or donating to Pokemon For Progress, or the various other fundraising opportunities around the event, there are going to be multiple chances to help out as you're enjoying your weekend.

Tickets for Geek'd Con will be available all weekend at the Shreveport Convention Center Box Office. Saturday and Sunday passes are $15 each, Friday night is $5 (free on Friday for active military and veterans with Military ID), or $20 for the whole weekend. Kids 12-and-under are free per paid adult ticket (extra kids passes are only $5) and there's free parking in the Convention Center parking garage and surrounding Convention Center auxiliary lots. You can find more on Geek'd Con on the Facebook page and website. 

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