sesame street

Sia On Sesame Street
Sia loves songs so much, she even wrote a song about writing songs called 'S Is For Songs', and she brought it to her friends at 'Sesame Street.'
'Sesame Street's' Maria Retiring
The longevity of Sesame Street has seen some inevitable turnover through the years, some less controversial than others, but the latest loss will have most everyone in a nostalgic fit. Sonia Manzano, best known as the iconic Maria, will say goodbye to Sesame Street after a whopping 44 years on the a…
Liam, Harry & Bert
Just when we thought One Direction couldn’t get any more adorable, the British-Irish boy band stopped by 'Sesame Street' and brought it to a whole new level.
'Hunger Games' Sesame-Style
'Sesame Street' isn't just for kids anymore. The world-famous children's puppet show has recently spoofed everything from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Mad Men,' and now, it tackles 'The Hunger Games' in a parody entitled 'The Hungry Games: Catching Fur.&a…
Kermit Saves Face, quite well!!
Kermit was getting upstaged by Cookie Monster in this classic clip from Sesame Street, but he saves face in the end with a sincere "I love you, too"....

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