Bucket Light Fixture
Hanging over the counter, these "bucket" fixtures were a perfect match for the rustic atmosphere of the store.
Need A Hug?
We all need a hug now and then. Some experts say a daily hug is beneficial to not only our psychological health, but our physical health as well. If there's no "special someone" in your life, don't despair...
DIY Outdoor Furniture
Sure, you could take the easy route and head on over to Ikea or your local lawn-and-garden shop and pick up a few pieces of outdoor furniture for your backyard. But if you really want to impress your friends and indulge your creative flair, you might want to consider some of these more unusual optio…
Join Steve @ The New Conn’s Home Plus!
Steve will be at the New Conn's location, 3559 Ambassador Caffery , this Sunday, June 24th, from 2 'til 4.
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