Swamp People star Chase Landry took his dad Troy Landry's catch phrase "choot 'em" a little too literal.

The reality show star was arrested on Friday night after allegedly firing a gun at a shrimp boat while alligator hunting. Chase admitted to police that he shot at the shrimper because they refused to slow down "and would have sunk their boat."

Sounds like a plausible defense to us!

According to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, the shooting happened in Bayou Chene. The following is from their report:

TPSO water patrol deputies met with the victims at the boat launch on Old Spanish Trail Rd. in Gibson. The victims in this matter stated that they were traveling by boat in Bayou Chene when they were passing some guys in a boat who were hunting alligators. The victim stated that one of the guys from that boat shot a gun in their direction and continued towards St. Mary Parish. The victim stated that the suspect’s boat contained several alligators. There was a plastic gas can which was on top of the cabin of the commercial shrimp boat that was leaking gasoline from what appeared to be gunshot hole.

Chase was charged with illegal discharge of a weapon and booked into the Terrebonne Parish jail.

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