On Friday night, an armed robbery occurred in the Town of Duson in the 200 block of Austria Road. Duson Police are asking for public assistance in identifying the two people involved in this robbery and have released video of the incident in hopes of obtaining the identity of the two people. 

The events of the video are as follows according to the Duson Police:

00:03 mark: the suspect vehicle a Grey Nissan Altima arrives and backs into a parking spot in the parking lot of the Miss Mammie’s Casino to meet the victim who was selling an Apple I Watch, top right of the screen.

4:45 mark: the victim’s vehicle arrives and pulls up and parks. The suspects head in next to the suspect’s vehicle and the robbery occurs shortly after.  The iWatch is on the passenger seat of the victim’s vehicle. The suspect exits the Nissan Altima and walks over to the victim’s passenger door and grabs the phone off the passenger seat and immediately walks back to her vehicle.

6:19 mark: The victim exits her car and opens the driver’s door of the suspect vehicle and attempts to negotiate with the suspect to obtain the money for the iWatch or the money. After a brief struggle with the victim between the car and door, the suspect begins to drive away.  The victim is drug for about 3 seconds before falling to the ground and the suspect vehicle drives off heading south on Austria Road. The victim drives off in pursuit of the suspect at the end of this video clip.

What the video does not clearly depict is that the female suspect is accompanied by a black, male in the passenger seat who is said to be 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighing about 250 pounds, described by the victim as heavy set and the physical description of the female is 5’4” tall weighing less than 100 pounds, she was wearing a wig and fake eyelashes during the commission of this crime.  Very petite white, female and a very large black, male “the odd couple so to speak”.

Also off camera coverage area the victim later caught up to the suspect vehicle at which time the suspect vehicle at which point the black male was said to provide the white female suspect with a baseball bat to attack the victim in this case.  The victim suffered minor injuries to a shoulder in this incident.

The best clues, in this case, are the vehicle a Nissan Altima bearing Louisiana license plate XRU922 which is believed to be a switched license plate, but the Nissan Altima has front left tire missing a hub cap and the left rear bumper has distinctive damage.

This vehicle will be known locally and anyone with information into the owner of the vehicle, the identity of either suspect, or information related to this armed robbery is encouraged to contact Officer Timothy Cannon via Lafayette Parish
Sheriff’s Communications Section or by email at timothy.cannon@dusonpd.com

Crime Stoppers of Lafayette Parish or Acadia Parish are other options and cash rewards are offered through Crime Stoppers.



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