What!?! You can't bet on sports in Louisiana? I should clarify the statement. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments that will allow legalized sports betting in states like Louisiana. 

What that means is this. The high court is expected to rule in favor of Louisiana Lt.Governor Billy Nungesser's doppelganger New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and break the state of Nevadas monopoly on wagering on sporting events like the Super Bowl and college football games.

As of now, there is a federal law on the books that bans wagering on sporting events in all states except Nevada and Delaware. Nevada rakes in billions of dollars on those wagers and states like New Jersey and Louisiana wouldn't mind having a nice bite of that several hundred billion dollar pie.

If we're going to put our feet down in the real world for a second we all know wagering on sporting events happens whether it's legal or not. Why not make it legal and regulate it. Then law enforcement could really sink their teeth into unauthorized betting and put all that money into the hands of the real criminals, the state legislature.

We will see what the high court decides when their decision is announced. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Chris Christie and New Jersey, they have ways of convincing people if you know what I mean.

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