Supergirl has its own Super-mythology separate from The CW’s Smallville, though fans are more than happy to draw connections between the pair. That is, until Season 3’s “Midvale” made reference to one of Smallville‘s original creations, which itself has become the focus of a real-life sex cult investigation.

You’re warned of light Supergirl spoilers from here on out, but where the CBS-turned-CW series established its own Smallville with the addition of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, the series still drops an occasional nod to the ten-season Tom Welling drama. Even erstwhile Lois Lane actress Erica Durance joined Supergirl in a new role, but the Smallville parallel was never more explicit than Monday’s “Midvale,” which invoked “Clark’s friend Chloe” and her “Wall of Weird” with a glimpse into Kara and Alex’s shared past.

“Chloe” and the “Wall of Weird” naturally reference Smallville mainstay Chloe Sullivan, an original creation and series regular portrayed by Allison Mack. That name rings an unfortunately topical bell, as Mack was recently identified as a top-ranking member and “key recruiter” of “DOS,” a reported sex cult that brands women with cauterizing rods, and abuses others with starvation diets. Wall of Weird, indeed.

Granted, Supergirl didn’t actually introduce its own version of Chloe Sullivan, but merely referenced the character as one of Clark’s associates, and used her email to aid in Kara’s investigation of a murdered classmate. Even then, the episode established itself taking place around 2007 – a time both Superman and Lex Luthor were already known adversaries – which wouldn’t necessarily fit Smallville continuity.

Time will tell if Supergirl embellishes its Smallville connection any further, but might Allison Mack’s real-life affiliations stick a pin in the character? Is Supergirl too busy with its own abuse allegations to care?

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