We're not sure if dropping ticket prices for Super Bowl 53 have anything to do with that blown call by the refs during the NFC Championship game, but we hope so.

Since last Sunday, prices for a ticket to the game on February 3rd in Atlanta have dropped almost $1,000. The secondary market price of $8,130 is now $7,125, and it could go lower, according to Ticketiq.com. Traditionally, fans that can wait till closer to the game to purchase have a better chance at a lower price.

Looking at the prices for tickets still available through Ticketiq, as of Thursday afternoon, the highest is $15,015 for the AMG Lounge, and the cheapest is $2,508. Plus parking, of course. I'm actually kind of shocked that any tickets are still left, but I think a little of that might have to do with the teams playing. Just sayin'

The Los Angeles Rams will take on the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 3 at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta at 5:30 pm CST on CBS.

Would you pay that much for the big game? Let us know in the comments.

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