It’s that time again. We have to adjust our clocks AND our bodies. With Sunday, March 14th being the day to “spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time, a group of lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill to the Senate to keep DST, once again. The bill would keep DST so that in November we will not have to change the clocks again to “fall back” an hour.

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The bill is called “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” and it could mean that this is the last time we adjust our clocks for time change, EVER. According to CBS News, it was reintroduced Tuesday by U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, R-Florida; James Lankford, R-Oklahoma; Roy Blunt, R-Missouri; Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island; Ron Wyden, D-Oregon; Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Mississippi; Rick Scott, R-Florida; and Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts.

Florida passed legislation to keep DST back in 2018. But, a federal statue is required for the state to enact the change, according to a press release from Senator Marco Rubio. Fifteen other states have passed similar initiatives to keep DST year-round. Those states include Louisiana. Many other states are doing the same, according to the press release.

Yes, we’ve tried to pass this before and failed. But, maybe this is going to be the year with even more states on board.

Daylight saving time begins March 14 and lasts until November 7.

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