Thursday in South Louisiana felt more like a Thursday in a northern town. The rain was falling, the winds were blowing, the temperatures were dropping, and we're trying to have Mardi Gras. Something has got to give. And it looks like Mother Nature has thrown us a bone for the weekend.

The forecast for today, Saturday, and Sunday is certainly conducive to celebrating along a parade route or enjoying the rides and music at Cajun Field. The outlook for Lundi Gras though is not nearly as promising. 

Abundant sunshine should greet you this morning as you make your way to work and school. The temperatures will not rebound quite as quickly as the sunshine has done. Temperatures will barely make it out of the 40s by this afternoon and there is still enough of a breeze that you'll want an extra layer if you're outside in it.

Things do warm up a little bit for Saturday and the winds do lay down significantly. That means Saturday events should go off without a hitch under warm sunshine during the day and clear but not so cold conditions for the evening.

Sunday will bring more clouds into the forecast although meteorologists have moved any big threat of showers out of the forecast. You still might want some long sleeves for Sunday fun outside as temperatures will be cool to start but moderate into the middle 60s by the afternoon.

Lundi Gras, that's Monday if you're not from around here, will be our rainy day. Forecasters say an approaching storm system will kick up about a 60% threat of showers. during the afternoon hours. Those rain chances will dissipate during the nighttime hours.

Mardi Gras will be a mix of sun and clouds and bring only a 20% threat of showers raining on your parade(s). That threat of showers will likely be for the early morning hours and most of the day Tuesday will be sunny. So, bring your sunblock to the parades or be prepared to look like a raccoon when you go get your ashes on Wednesday.


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