It was a routine traffic stop on I-12 in St. Tammany Parish Wednesday, December 1 that resulted in the seizure of a massive cache of methamphetamine.

According to Louisiana State Police Spokesman, Trooper William Huggins, troopers stopped 47-year-old Ricardo Guevara. As the investigation began to unfold, troopers found 18 kilos of suspected methamphetamine in the possession of this driver.

Huggins says this amount of meth is worth about $2.2 million on the street. Guevara was arrested after the traffic stop.

State Police Seizure
Photo courtesy of Louisiana State Police

With Wednesday's bust, Louisiana State Police officials say they have seized over $6 million worth of drugs off of our streets after several traffic stops in the last 30 days.

So, what kinds of drugs and in what amounts were seized by state police? The following is a list:

37.5 Kilos of methamphetamine worth about $4.6 million on the street

3.5 Kilos of cocaine worth an estimated $105,000

577 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $1.6 million

Huggins says Louisiana State Police officials say they will not stop being proactive in relation to removing illegal drugs from our streets. Whether it's local people peddling illegal drugs or groups that operate in multiple states, they will work to root out the people responsible for getting the drugs to our streets for purchase. All local, regional and state police regions will be working together to target illicit drug manufacturing, distribution, sale, and consumption.


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