Does this mean I don't have to go to the gym anymore?

When it comes to love, which qualities do you look for? I think many would say looks, intelligence, humor, compatibility, etc. We want a partner who will stick with us through thick and thin.

And apparently we want someone who is kind.

An international study from Swansea University in Wales has found that kindness is the most attractive quality in another person. Researchers surveyed more than 2,700 students from all across the world. Kindness was the most desired trait in those looking for long-term partners, regardless of culture.

Participants were given money and asked to build their perfect partner, by "buying" qualities. Each allocated money to the things that were most important to them when it comes to love. People spent 22-26 percent of their "money" on kindness. Second place went to attractiveness, while financial stability came in third.

Women were more likely to spend more money on financial stability, while men spent more on attractiveness.

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