President Joe Biden has officially opened the application process for those who are interested in having up to $20,000 of their student loans forgiven. The government has been beta testing an application site for the past few days and after some 8 million successful applications the full site is ready for what promises to be some very heavy traffic.

Kobu Agency via
Kobu Agency via

The application site is touted by President Biden as "easy" to use and navigate and a "game changer" for millions of working and middle-class Americans who have been burdened through the years by copious amounts of student loan debt.

The qualifications for the program are explained fully on the application site. For those who earn less than $125,000 annually or married couples who earn less than $250,000 annually, based on 2020 and/or 2021 financial statements the program will pay back up to $20,000 on Pell Grants or up to $10,000 for other federal loans.


Click Here to go to the application site. 

You'll need to provide your name and social security number as well as other vital information. You'll need your date of birth, a phone number, and a working email too. You won't need to provide proof of income on the application but you will need to provide that proof by March 31, 2024, if asked.

The application and instructions are available in both English and Spanish and should be easily accessible on any electronic device. Should you need it, paper applications will be made available at a later date. But, for a faster and more efficient turnaround, you'll want to apply online.

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If you've already paid off your student loans but still feel you're eligible for the $20,000 refund, here's what you'll need to know and what you'll need to do.

Those close to the program expect traffic on the websites to be rather brisk over the next several weeks but based on the results of the recently completed beta testing the servers should be able to handle the traffic.

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