They have FINALLY listened.

If you've lived in Louisiana in the last few years, you've probably had to re-up your inspection sticker.

Along with the Louisiana summer heat, you probably also had your inspection sticker peel right off of your windshield. This has been a known problem to the powers that be for at least a couple of years now.

Their initial response was a deflection in having drivers have the sticker replaced for free, or use clear tape.

FINALLY, we're getting new, stickier inspection stickers. OMV Customer Service Administrator Kelly Simmons says that they are trying to get the new stickers out as soon as possible.

We've since modified the specifications and have ordered new stickers to come," Simmons said. "Hopefully we won't be dealing with this soon. No later than the first of the year we should have new stickers available. The inspection stations can come and purchase, and start supplying those because we know it is an issue.

Will you be enjoying a new, stickier inspection sticker once they come in?

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