A St. Mary Parish sheriff's deputy is being heralded for taking time out of his day to play baseball with a young man he saw while driving.

According to a post on the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Facebook page, Deputy Blake Giroir was on his way home when he saw the boy, named Johnathan, practicing his skills alone in his front yard. Giroir, who himself is a baseball fan, stopped to play catch with the 10-year old.

The boy's mother, Courtney Wright, wrote a note to the sheriff's office. Here's what she said:

When you see a Sheriff's unit pull up in front of your house and have a mini panic attack, only to realize he stopped to throw the ball with your son who not long ago got home from a game and was in the yard practicing. Morgan City might not have the greatest reputation, but it's this small town stuff that makes me love my home town.

Wright added that the experience "meant so much to my son. He thinks it's so cool." She also said Giroir encouraged Johnathan to develop his skills and play other positions other than outfield, advice that she says Johnathan will follow.

Sheriff Blaise Smith thanked Giroir for his work, saying, Giroir "(showed) us all what community looks like!"

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