The City of St. Martinville, especially the City Council, has taken a lot of heat over the past few months. Almost all of that heat has been self-inflicted. One of those people who has found himself under fire in recent weeks has been St. Martinville's Police Chief Ricky Martin.

Chief Martin became a topic of discussion after an anonymous letter was mailed to the council that claimed to show proof of a forged GED certificate with the Chief's name on it. In essence, the anonymous coward was trying to discredit the Chief by providing "proof" that Chief Martin did not meet the educational requirements of the office.

Chief Martin explained to the council those accusations were false and he reached out to the Louisiana Department of Education for records and transcripts. According to those documents, Chief Martin did, in fact, earn his GED Diploma. So he is certainly qualified, at least from an educational standpoint, to serve the people of St. Martinville as their police chief.

Now it will be interesting to see if Chief Martin's detective skills can help identify the coward that allegedly took items from the Chief's confidential personnel files, perhaps falsified them, and then mailed them to the council. That's the person that I want to see squirm.

I would also love for the Mayor and Council for the town of St. Martinville to remember they were elected to serve the needs of their constituents and not their own personal needs. I do hope they can get that figured out before somebody has to go to jail.

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