A few years ago, I asked Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers, "Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?". His reply, "What goes on, you know, life". 

 This is very clearly the case with Bruce Springsteen.  His 1980 hit "The River" was inspired by his sister's unplanned pregnancy, and subsequent rush into marriage.  Yahoo Music reports "Glory Days", from the 1984 multi- platinum "Born In THe USA" was a bout a teammate, with home "The Boss" had played Babe Ruth League Baseball.  Joe DePugh was a star pitcher who was offered a tryout with the L.A. Dodgers. DePugh nicknamed Springsteen 'Saddie", because Bruce wasn't a talented player. Their lives took divergant paths after graduation, and a chance meeting at a New Jersey bar provided the inspiration for the song. 

  "He said, 'Always remember, I love you,' not like some corny Budweiser commercial, but a real sentimental thing,"     -Joe DePugh

Lately, I've been wondering about Bruce's plans for the E-Street Band in the wake of the recent death of Saxman Clarence Clemons.