A photo circulating on social media shows an Axis Buck dead and now the owners are looking for the person(s) responsible for killing the animal.

The buck that someone shot was on the grounds of Crying Eagle Lodging Company in Evangeline Parish.

According to their social media post, these animals cost nearly $5.000, so you can understand why they are seeking information on who is responsible for killing the deer.



The lodge offers a nice reward for anyone with information that leads them to the person responsible for shooting this buck. If you have any information in this case you can call 337 781 1632, and all callers will remain anonymous.

There are video cameras on the grounds of the lodge in Evangeline Parish, but they say that they did not catch a good shot of the vehicle that the shooter may have been in. However, the lodge says they are evaluating other cameras in the area.

Crying Eagle Lodge Co.
Crying Eagle Lodge Co.


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