Lafayette was treated to this year's debut of "The Fat Man" yesterday as the Sonic Christmas Parade rolled through downtown Lafayette.

Sonic Christmas Parade 9

I had the honor of driving the KTDY sled through the streets of Lafayette, following what I believed to be the Jeanerette High School Band and Drill Team.

Sonic Christmas Parade 7
One of my views from the parade route... Jeanerette High Band??

From time-to-time along the parade route, when the band stopped to perform a song for the crowd, I took a few seconds to pull my trusty unicycle from the trunk of the roadster to give those around me a show of my own!  (I only 'fell' from the unicycle once, but don't fear:  I landed on my feet!)

Sonic Christmas Parade 8
On the unicycle that someone gave me after the Sonic Christmas Parade two ears ago... (notice the hand on the car, keeping me steady!! HA!!)

And what holiday is complete without including Jeeps??  NONE OF THEM!!  The Louisiana Jeepers showed up in full force, with 20 Jeeps decorated for the parade!

Sonic Christmas Parade 10
Louisiana Jeepers took part in the parade again this year, 20 Jeeps strong!!

Santa showed up in 'Old-Fashioned' fashion on board a horse-drawn buggy, promising toys for all the good boys and girls!  KATC's Erin Steuber filed this video on the KATC website filled with more of the sights and sounds of the Sonic Christmas Parade.

Congratulations to the Sonic Christmas Parade staff for another flawless event!

(Via KATC)


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