The people of South Louisiana are some of the most generous and giving individuals you could ever hope to encounter. Yesterday, during the 24-hour fundraising event known as SOLA Giving Day the people of Acadiana put their money where their mouths are to the tune of more than $1.85 million dollars in donations.

Yesterday's event saw more than 137 organizations receive monetary donations from 3,737 donors. Prior to yesterday's 24-hour fundraiser matching gifts totaling $939,230.00 had already been secured for more than 100 organizations. By the way, a matching donation is a charitable contribution by private donors who agree to match donations made by the general public dollar for dollar.

SOLA Giving Day was administrated by the Community Foundation of Acadiana. According to their records, yesterday's event was a record-breaker. With the $1.85 million dollar preliminary total far surpassing fundraising efforts in any of the previous four years.

As part of the program, the Community Foundation of Acadiana awarded $22,000 in prizes to participating organizations. For a complete list of prize winners and the amount of money awarded, you can follow this link. 

Oh, and I think you should know which community-minded businesses and organizations stepped up to support SOLA Giving Day. We are very proud to say that the radio stations of Townsquare Media were honored to be included as a media partner for this event.

Events such as SOLA Giving Day certainly line up with our philosophy here at the radio station. We believe that we as a community are better off when we all work together toward finding solutions to the problems that may or may not be unique to our community. The organizations supported by this fundraiser work hard every day to improve our quality of life through education, information, and understanding.

If you'd still like to support the mission of SOLA Giving Day you can find out more by connecting with the Community Foundation of Acadiana for the many different ways that you can re-invest in our community.

You know, if there is one other thing folks in South Louisiana are known for besides their generosity it would have to be our sense of humor. Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this.

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