Dozens of people have been killed as Russia has bombarded Ukraine with bombs and missiles.

Media sources from across the globe have descended on Ukraine as Vladimir Putin's forces have invaded the country. You can scroll to the bottom of these stories to see a variety of videos.

I can only imagine how truly terrifying it must people for the civilians who are caught in the media of a war between the two countries. Feeds are coming in from various networks giving us a frightening view of what it happening to the people of Ukraine.

Shelling and airstrikes are continuing to bombard Ukraine while the tanks continue to roll into the country. While there have been new sanctions against Russia, Vladimir Putin does not care. He is threatening any country that interferes.

Imagine that you are waking up to missiles zooming by, and crashing into buildings and places that you love. According to a variety of media sources, people in Ukraine are piling up at gas stations, waiting in long lines as they are trying to fuel up their cars so they can get out of the region. In the background, which you will hear in many of the videos below is the sound of the air raid sirens blasting in several areas.

One person interviewed by the Associated Press said that they are going about business as usual. A resident of Kyiv told the AP, "I'm not afraid. I'm going to work. The only unusual thing is that you can't find a taxi."

What Does President Biden Have To Say About What Is Happening?

The following is a story from the Associated Press that was written on Tuesday, February 22, 2022:

MOSCOW (AP) — The East-West faceoff over Ukraine has escalated dramatically, with Russian lawmakers authorizing President Vladimir Putin to use military force outside his country and President Joe Biden and European leaders responding by slapping sanctions on Russian oligarchs and banks. Both leaders signaled that an even bigger confrontation could lie ahead. Putin has yet to unleash the force of the 150,000 troops massed on three sides of Ukraine, while Biden held back on the toughest sanctions that could cause economic turmoil for Russia but said they would go ahead if there is further aggression. The sanctions underscored the urgency felt by Western nations to blunt the conflict. All contents © copyright 2022 Associated Press. All rights reserved.


The videos begin with many submitted on Twitter by @Kryreth:

The following tweet is from The Intel Crab:


You will see various tweets from media as they cover what is happening:

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