Imagine tweeting something about your favorite artist and having them respond. Now, imagine them actually taking your suggestion...and getting it tattooed on their skin. That's exactly how one diehard Shawn Mendes fan now feels.

Last week, @nasaruins shared two edited images that show the pop star with a butterfly tattooed on his arm. The 20-year-old saw the photos and loved them enough to retweet the message and ask for the fan to DM him the drawing.

She took screenshots of their interaction to show to the Twitterverse.

Apparently, the "Senorita" singer liked the design enough to not only get it tattooed on him, but placed it in the exact same spot the fan had suggested. On Monday (July 22), his tattoo artist Livia Tsang shared a few posts of the new ink.

Mendes also gave Tsang a shoutout and flaunted his new ink in a series of photos on Instagram thanking fans after his Dallas tour date.

The original design was created by a Chilean tattoo artist, who also took to Instagram to show a drawing of the work. "This is the original design! @shawnmendes," he captioned the photo.
"I thank you very much for all the messages of love that you have sent me and for appreciating and sharing my art. For those who have asked me, I am located in Santiago de Chile. I invite you to continue reviewing and sharing my art. always available to tattoo."

Naturally, the fan we have to thank for all of this expressed her happiness in a series of tweets. And we don't blame her.

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