Shaquille O'Neal finally made his debut on AEW Wrestling Wednesday night and it all ended with the big guy going through a table.

Many on social media were very impressed with Shaq's skills in the ring and with his fixture. Yes, you can tell that the former LSU star has trained in the ring and outside of the ring, he looked great.

Well, Shaq was part of a tag team match on TNT when Cody Rhodes flew over the top rope and knocked him off of the apron and through the table.

O'Neal was taken to an ambulance, but when they went to report on Shaq's status, he was gone.

It will be interesting to see how things play out on TNT's NBA Show this Thursday night. I am certain Shaq will have something to say about his AEW debut, and so too will his colleagues on the show!

If you missed Shaq Thursday night on TNTN, here you go!

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