The worst-dressed stars at the 2018 CMA Awards were, as usual, few and far between. But there is always an ensemble or two that — while we admire the effort — ends up being a swing and a miss. Unfortunately, bad fashion doesn't discriminate between genders; we had a few missteps on both sides this year.

And honestly, we get it. Who doesn't want to wear pajamas to an award show? Who among us hasn't considered a questionably bold print in a particularly vulnerable moment? But whether it's just an unflattering fit, an artistic choice gone wrong or simply a "what were they thinking?" moment, these stars graced the red carpet on country's biggest night wearing outfits that simply were not their best. Serial hitmakers and red carpet newcomers alike appear on this list — none of them immune to the draw of the memorable look on their stylist's vision board. But that doesn't mean we love them any less. We just would rather not stand next to them on this particular night ...

Here Are the Worst Dressed Stars at the 2018 CMA Awards: 

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