Authorities in Sabine Parish, as well as teams from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, suspended their search for a missing boater several hours ago as darkness began to fall over the region. The boater, whose truck was found idling and whose boat was cast adrift from a nearby boat launch, has not been identified.

Authorities say witnesses near one of the boat launch sites near Tranquility Bay reported the odd circumstances to authorities about five o'clock yesterday (Oct. 22). Witnesses did not report seeing a person but they did notice a truck, that still had the motor running, a trailer that was still attached to the truck, and a boat that was floating unsecured offshore.

Authorities began a search of the area around the boat launch and in the water near where the boat was drifting. As of dusk last night, there had still been no sign of the missing man.

Officials expect to resume their search this morning, this time using sonar equipment. The missing boater's wallet and keys were found inside the running vehicle, however, the man's identity has not been released although the Sheriff of Sabine Parish, Ron Rivers did confirm the person was not a resident of Sabine Parish.

Authorities speculate the missing boater was heading out to fish on Toledo Bend ahead of a fishing tournament that is planned for this weekend.

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