Sean Payton has heard enough.

During Coach Payton's radio show on WWL-Radio out of New Orleans, he said everyone is asking him about his decision to go for two points, rather than a field goal attempt, during the San Fransico game last Sunday in the dome.

Fans and analysts are still trying to figure out why the Saints didn't attempt a traditional field goal (PAT) after an early touchdown against the 49ers.

Well, one poor fan, who is a butcher at Whole Foods in NOLA, asked Coach Payton about his decision to not go for one and Payton unleashed.

He said in his radio interview with WWL that he told the butcher, "Hey, your steaks don't look too good right now. Worry about your meat."

It's safe to say Payton and the Saints have moved on from that game, which they lost, and are now looking ahead.

Note, if you happen to see Sean Payton out in public, don't question without expecting some feedback. After all, he reminded once that the Saints have ruined a few of my weeks when they defeated the Dallas Cowboys.

Here's the audio from the Coach's show. Enjoy.

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