The trouble with girls is nothing compared to the trouble with lip syncing — especially with cameras around! ‘American Idol‘ winner Scotty McCreery, perched atop a festive float, got busted miming the lyrics to his hit, ‘The Trouble With Girls‘ this Thanksgiving.

McCreery likely won’t be thankful for TMZ this year after they posted the embarrassing clip. The opening lyric, “The trouble with girls,” came across clear as day … but McCreery’s mouth wasn’t moving! He immediately lifted the mic up to his lips, and the parade cameras zoomed out, but it was too late. It was painfully and awkwardly obvious what was up!

Maybe he’s resting his voice to prep for his upcoming tour with fellow country star Brad Paisley.

In fairness to McCreery, he’s demonstrated his vocal talent live on ‘American Idol’ and at the World Series, so we all know he wasn’t mouthing his lyrics for a lack of clout. Performers lip sync at the parade pretty regularly, and he’s definitely not the first — but he’s the first to get caught!



Watch Scotty McCreery Lip Sync ‘The Trouble With Girls’ at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade



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