His name was Monty, and he was a retired K-9 officer for the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office. He's gone.

When someone in law enforcement dies our community mourns, and there is no exception for Monty because he too served the people of Louisiana, just in a different capacity.

You might not have even known Monty existed, but I can tell you that you will know the cases that Monty solved because he was instrumental in solving these cases.

Monty 2
Photo courtesy of State Fire Marshal's Office

In 2019, our communities were devastated by fires that happened at different St. Landry Parish churches. The crimes were mean-spirited, terrorizing, and cruel. Monty was the K-9 officer that found one of the gas cans used at one of the fires. Because of this find, eventually, all the church arson cases were linked to one suspect who was arrested.

There was the case of a suspicious fire that proved fatal in St. Helena Parish. The fire was intentionally set at an apartment complex in Slidell, and thanks to Monty children were rescued from those flames.

Photo courtesy of State Fire Marshal's Office

This sweet dog was also the "Top Dog". He really received that distinction in 2017 from the ATF after beating out dozens of other dogs to receive the ATF's Top Dog award.

His whole life was spent in service.

Monty was a golden Labrador, and he was 12 years old. He joined the State Fire Marshal's Office in 2012, but before that, he was already serving the public. He was a guide dog for the visually impaired. He worked with the folks at the Guiding Eyes Foundation of New York. He eventually received his ATF certification in detecting accelerants.

Monty 3
Photo courtesy of State Fire Marshal's Office

Monty's handler and friend, Lt. Brian Mashon had the following to say about him,

Monty was my friend, buddy, and partner. I am going to miss him until we meet again. Monty was a special dog and contributed so much to the success of this agency, not only in crime-solving but in our public education efforts, both of which saved lives.

State Fire Marshal Chief Dan Wallis says, "Monty will be greatly missed and always remembered for his stellar service to the people of Louisiana."

Monty retired in 2020. It was recently discovered that he had an extensive tumor.

Thank you, Monty. Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful caretaker for the people of Louisiana.

For Lt. Brian Mashon, our hearts go out to you.

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