Santa and his elves are very busy right now in the North Pole, but the elves stationed at the regional office in Santa Claus, Indiana will make certain he receives your "Dear Santa" letters.

The reason the regional office exists? Santa's magical messenger reindeer are much faster at delivering letters than any of the other delivery services. Each night, one of the messenger reindeer takes that day's letters, puts them into a messenger bag, and then takes off for the North Pole. The trip takes only minutes for Santa's reindeer.

If your child/children would like to hear from the North Pole, have them mail their letters by December 20 to Santa's Regional Office. Here's the address:

P.O. BOX 1

The Indiana Regional Office is also home to the Santa Claus Museum. They keep a file filled with some of the best Letters to Santa ever! You can view some of those letters here. I am especially fond of the letter informing Santa that a certain booger-eating habit had been kicked. 

For those who are in the giving AND receiving spirit, you can also donate to the Santa Claus Museum by including your donation with the letter. That donation helps the elves keep return envelopes and postage in stock so that Santa can answer as many letters as possible.

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