A beloved holiday tradition will look a little bit different this year, but the sentiment and spirit will remain the same. You know the holidays have officially arrived whenever you hear the familiar bell ringing, and see the red kettles of the Salvation Army in front of retail stores. It's been a holiday tradition for decades in Acadiana, and over 100 years nationwide. And last year over $150,000 was raised to help those in need in our area. According to our TV partners at KATC TV 3, 3142 people were helped with 21,302 meals, and 11,409 nights of shelter. Help also comes in the form of toys for kids who might otherwise get nothing from Santa. This is all pretty incredible for any city the size of Lafayette.

This year donations can still be made, but there will be several different ways to be generous. If you are looking for the familiar red kettles, you'll probably be able to find some, just a whole lot less than in years before.

Donations can be made online at LafayetteKettle.org, or you can simply donate at the checkout register at designated stores during the campaign. And, going a little more high tech will be easier this year as well, A story on KATC.com says "The Salvation Army has placed smart chips and QR codes on Red Kettle signs allowing shoppers to simply "bump" or scan their phones to make digital donations. Shoppers will be directed to a donation page that accepts Apple or Google payment options". I'll still be looking for the bell ringers though, as they are a comforting part of my holiday season every year.



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