The #WhoDatNation is getting their first look at Mark Ingram back in Black & Gold following his transport down I-10 East from Houston. While Ingram's past numbers with the New Orleans Saints are all taken, it seems like he has landed on a jersey that may re-solidify the tandem with Alvin Kamara.

Twitter via @Saints
Twitter via @Saints

Saints fans everywhere got the first chance to see Ingram back in New Orleans colors via @Saints on Twitter.

There was a lot of speculation regarding what number Ingram would be wearing in his triumphant return to New Orleans.

I don't believe anyone predicted what is appearing to be Ingram's number choice, although it makes perfect sense.

According to Saints insider @nick_underhill it is #14 that Ingram has landed on.

As Underhill points out, the number choice is the inverse of Kamara's #41.

More video from @Saints shows that while #14 is not set in stone, it sure does look good on the guy that will have his homecoming to the Superdome this Sunday.

We shall see if the mirror effect of #41 Kamara and #14 Ingram will come into play come Sunday afternoon when Tom Brady and the reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers come into the Caesars Superdome for a Halloween game that is sure to bring all sorts of tricks and treats.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
Photo by Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

As for the running back's Sunday status, Coach Payton's plan to get Ingram back in action seems to be going according to plan.

It's not my place to speak for the #WhoDatNation, but I think it's safe to say the Dome will be roaring if and when Mark Ingram gets his first touch back in New Orleans.

See how Mark Ingram felt in one of his first interviews since his return to the city below.

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