The New Orleans Saints could have a historic 2022 NFL season for many reasons, one of those being "The Bird Gauntlet".

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Photo by Sean Gardner, Getty Images

The Bird Gauntlet

For the 2022 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints have an opportunity to do something that no team had done in the history of American Football.

This season, the Saints' schedule includes all five NFL teams with a bird as a mascot.

This is what's being called "The Bird Gauntlet".

Here's what it looks like for the Saints -

Week 1 - Atlanta Falcons

Week 5 - Seattle Seahawks

Week 7 - Arizona Cardinals

Week 9 - Baltimore Ravens

Week 15 - Atlanta Falcons

Week 17 - Philadelphia Eagles

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Being that the Saints play Atlanta twice, they only have to beat them once in order to complete "The Bird Gauntlet".

Clearly, beating Atlanta twice is really the only thing we as Saints fans really care about but making NFL history would be cool.

The Saints should only have to beat the Falcons once, as well as the other four bird teams, to complete "The Bird Gauntlet" for the first time in NFL history.

From -

"The last time a team faced every bird team was fairly recently in 2020. The Dallas Cowboys played against each of the five teams in the regular season but lost to Seattle in Week 3 — hopefully, the Saints can get a bit farther this year."

Start the rice!

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