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Rutgers Parents Outraged By Snooki Speech

And who can blame them?  Last week, I posted this story about Rutgers University hiring 'Snooki' to speak to a portion of the student body. Upset parents pointed out that 'Snooki' was paid almost $10,000 more than what parents pay for each student's tuition and housing  (around $23,000 annually).

Picture of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

'Snooki' had an audience of around 2,000 students.  Her 'words of wisdom'?  “When you’re tan, you feel better about yourself,” and “Study hard, but party harder.”  True words of genius. I hope Budweiser comes out with a new ad campaign, and instead of 'Real Men of Genius', they could use 'Real Words of Genius'.  Those commercials make me giggle.  Much like the words of 'Snooki'.

Oh, look!  While I was writing this post, another news story about 'Snooki' hit the 'net.

I wonder if an appearance by 'Snooki' would go over well at ULL?  What are your thoughts?

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