Rumors have recently started swirling that the Heymann Performing Arts Center is up for sale. Is there any validity to these rumors?

Recently obtained records by The Daily Advertiser show that the Heymann Performing Arts Center was recently appraised at the request of Lafayette General. Lafayette Consolidated Government employees reportedly fulfilled a “confidential request” for Lafayette General providing information about the building’s condition.

The Daily Advertiser reports "that Lafayette Parish Assessor Conrad Comeaux said that current assessments put the land at $1.8 million and the building at $6 million" in regard to the Heymann Performing Arts Center. Comeaux says those numbers are more than likely low estimates.

The Heymann family donated the land to the city of Lafayette in 1957 for the construction of the Heymann Center. According to The Daily Advertiser, the deed does not prohibit LCG from selling the land or the building.

Could Lafayette General be buying the Heymann Performing Arts Center to expand its facilities?

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