The world of entertainment always seems to be so very friendly, doesn't it? Every time celebrities meet each other there are always moments of hugs and "kissy kissy" too. I always thought it seemed a little shallow and fake and it turns out, most of the time it is.

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Now in the world of Country Music, the relationships aren't nearly as tenuous as they might be in Hollywood circles. In Country Music, almost everyone comes from very humble beginnings so any performer that might be caught "putting on airs' will likely be put back in their place by their peers.

Dolly Parton is one of those celebrities that could put on a lot of airs if she wanted to. Just about everything that Dolly has touched in her illustrious career has turned to gold. From her music and songwriting to her business and theme parks, Dolly seems to be doing well. But don't think you can just pick up the phone and call her. Because that's not how Dolly operates.

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This quirk of doing business with Dolly was brought up by none other than Reba McEntire. Reba was a guest on the Southern Accents Radio podcast and it was there that Reba revealed that Dolly Parton will not accept her phone calls.

While the host of the podcast seemed to be a bit shocked by the revelations, Reba went on to say that if you want to get in touch with Dolly you have to fax her. Not actually her, your people fax her people and then her people fax your people back.

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Reba said that's how she opened the dialogue with Dolly about singing on the remake of Reba's monster duet Does He Love You. The original version was done with Linda Davis but for this collaboration Reba wanted Dolly. And so, she faxed.

Hey, Reba isn't the only one to fall victim to Dolly's fax first policy. Kenny Rogers was once asked if he had Dolly's cellphone number, and Kenny responded "No, you fax her". Even Dolly's Goddaughter Miley Cyrus has gone on record as saying the only way to get to Dolly is through the fax machine.

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Call it a quirk of the rich and famous or call it old-fashioned, I am sure the folks around Dolly's office simply say it "works" and that's the way Dolly wants it to work, so that's probably the way things are going to stay.

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