All-day yesterday as you struggled to figure out just what time it really was you weren't alone. Any population that participated in the bi-annual let's "mess with the clocks", also known as the shift between Daylight Saving and Standard Time, was also dealing with that little bit of whim wham feeling too. Let's face it, on its surface, it's a mild form of jet lag. You know that out of sorts feeling you get when you travel across time zones?

I guess if there is good news out of yesterday's time change it would be this. That of the two, Spring Forward or Fall Back, the Fall Back one is the lesser of the two evils. Doctors say that in the spring heart attacks go up by almost 20% in the days following the loss of an hour's worth of sleep. The heart attack tendency actually drops a similar amount in the days following the Fall Back.

However, the disruption in our now familiar sleep patterns even by an hour can certainly leave us susceptible to other issues and maladies. Car crashes and job injuries increase on the days following a time change. In fact, you'll find, according to statistics, this evening is one of the more likely times for you to be involved in a car crash.

That statistic takes into account that it will be darker than you are used to when you drive home. That more people will still be on the streets, including pedestrians at your normal drive time, and most of us are slightly addled by the fact that someone has messed with our sleep schedule. Even if it meant we could have gotten more rest.

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