The Delta Animal Shelter in Michigan has rescued more than 7,000 animals in the past 6 years. One of them, a pup named Peanut recently became a hero. Peanut had suffered severe abuse, resulting in broken bones. She was nursed back to health & adopted by a caring family. Peanut ran up & down the stairs of her family home on St. Patrick's Day , yelping persistently. The Dodo reports, she then ran to the garage, where "Dad" was doing some chores. This wasn't typical behavior, so he knew something was up. Peanut led the man outside to a ditch where a naked 3 year old girl was curled up and freezing. When Delta County Sheriff officials visited the girl's home they found conditions that weren't fit for children to live in. The child and a sibling are now in the custody of Child Protective Services. Bless you, Peanut!

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