Remington Arms has announced this morning that they will be settling with several families who had family members killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting according to ABC News.

The families of five adults and four children who were killed that day sued Remington, who was the maker of the Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle. This was the weapon that Adam Lanza used to slaughter twenty children and six adults.

According to the ABC report,

The families argued Remington negligently entrusted to civilian consumers an assault-style rifle that is suitable for use only by military and law enforcement personnel and violated the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act through the sale or wrongful marketing of the rifle.

Remington ultimately ended up filing Bankruptcy. In today's court filings, ABC reports that Remington and the families came to a settlement agreement.

Remington Arms has agreed to pay the families $73 million.

It is believed that the morning of the massacre, December 14, 2012, Lanza killed his mother then went down to the Sandy Hook campus, forced his way into the school, and began shooting. Police say Lanza then shot and killed himself.

According to the website, Adam Lanza had attended Sandy Hook Elementary as a child. While police thoroughly investigated all aspects of Lanza's life, they do not know the man's motive for killing these people. The guns he brought with him in this assault belonged to his mother. According to a report from the Connecticut State's Attorney report, Lanza had significant mental health issues that impacted his life, but mental health experts did not think Lanza would do something like this.

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