In a post titled "Don't Judge Me: Acadiana Edition", Reddit user TheGentlemanLoser asks locals to " a game called Don't Judge me. State an opinion you have of the region, events, people, etc.".

It's an opportunity for people who live here in Acadiana to vent about something that the region is known for that they don't particularly care for.

For instance, to start off the post, TheGentlemanLoser posted this:

Don't judge me, I think mardi gras music is s__t. - TheGentlemanLoser, Reddit

Others were quick to post their distaste for some of the things that make Acadiana unique.

Don't judge me: I don't like LA31 beer. - Thirdbutton, Reddit


Don't judge me: Giant doughnuts are not cakes. They're doughnuts. Don't get me wrong, doughnuts are delicious, but just because you make it really big and put extra sugar on it, a cake it does not make. - mandalore84, Reddit


Don't judge me: I'd rather live on the south side than downtown. - Rinklestein, Reddit


Don't Judge me, I think New iberia is actually a pretty good city to live in and offers more to Acadiana than just the "The New Iberia haircut" -  IgnorantOfTheArt, Reddit


Don't judge me: I've never cared for Mardi Gras or Festival Internationale. - Dios87, Reddit


Don't judge me, but I really don't think Old Tyme's poboys are anything special. - RaginCajun337, Reddit


Don't judge me ... crawfish are 100% great but crabs are mostly too much trouble. - kzintech, Reddit


Don't judge me, but if you block traffic on Ambassador for Chick-Fil-A, I hope you hit a tree on your way home. - shartymcfly1, Reddit


Don't judge me but I think people are crazy to spend what restaurants charge for crawfish... Full disclosure, I've fished crawfish ponds my whole life - bayoucowboy, Reddit

What is it about Acadiana that you don't like, or maybe just don't "get"? Chime in, I promise to not judge you (openly).

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