According to Captain Clay Higgins, he was recently turned away from entering a  shelter here in Lafayette and, in my opinion, rightly so.

Before I post this, I want people to understand two things: 1) I support the Red Cross's decision, because they have rules that must be followed to protect those under their watch and 2) Captain Higgins says he was treated politely by the volunteers at the shelter, with what sounds like compassion, sympathy and understanding.  With that being said:

According to Captain Higgins' video, he was treated VERY WELL by the volunteers.  He wasn't yelled at; he was politely told that, according to the Red Cross rules, he could not enter the shelter with the evacuees.  Captain Higgins stressed that the volunteers personally thanked him for his gesture, but they could not allow him to enter the shelter because of the rules of the Red Cross.


Most of the responses to the video supported Captain Higgins.  Many called for people to stop supporting the Red Cross (which, in my opinion, is the wrong approach).  Others expressed disgust and dissatisfaction with the situation, and many applauded Captain Higgins for his compassion.

Red Cross has lost my respect and no donations from us! I'll donate to our local church! Discussing and disrespectful! People are grieving! Pray for them - Facebook user


It is a little overboard. Anyone not wishing to participate should feel free to step aside. When did people get so sensitive? - Facebook user

Another in support of Captain Higgins:

We have all been through tough times but then again another obstacle now with this weather. Capt. Glen Clay Higgins, this world needs you. As do my family & myself. God Bless you... - Facebook user

Some were not in agreement with Captain Higgins' views:

Hmmm biblical you say? Uncle Clay I've followed you, supported you, demanded you be an elected official, . But by no means and I do mean by no means is the flooding that is happening considered biblical. If your looking for votes or maybe just compassion from the community to do more or demand more from the arrogant POC governor then so state that. I honestly hate the quotient of biblical terms when in fact God has a plan and if they have faith then that faith will deliver them. Not you or anyone else bashing an organization that is non-profit and is mostly Federally sponsored.
You want separation or equality of rights for prayer? How about waiting for the "biblical" floods to recede which occurred not after 40days but a couple weeks after, depending what historical book you read. So, offer your assistance is what I'm saying without the Bible Belt rhetoric .... - Facebook User

And this one

Personally I think it is shameful that this man basically went to pick a fight at the Red Cross shelter. If you want to preach religion, go to any of the hundreds of faith based shelters and organizations who are providing help. No, this guy wants to whine about this to further his political career. - Facebook User

There are going to be many stories about the help that the evacuees received, and I believe that the good will greatly outweigh the bad, especially if those receiving the help take a moment to realize what these volunteers are providing for them.

My hope is that, when you come across videos/stories like these, you don't use them as a base for your decision to discontinue your support of these organizations.  Many times in videos like these, the viewer does not get both sides of the story.  Don't get me wrong, I am not against Captain Higgins offering prayer for the people in the shelter; in fact, I believe it admirable that he is willing to take his off-duty time to offer support.  I just wish that he could provide a video of a Red Cross representative explaining their rules.

I, too, was denied access to a Red Cross shelter that was housing evacuees after Hurricane Katrina.  When I tried to go into the Cajundome to speak with evacuees, I was firmly, though politely, turned away.  Privacy policies were cited, and I fully understood.

Captain Higgins, kudos to you for offering support.  I now urge you to make another video, asking people to NOT pull their support from the American Red Cross.  We need organizations like the Red Cross, especially in times like these.  You can urge people to contact the organization to ask them to reconsider their policy, but please don't allow this video to damage the American Red Cross because, in the long run, it would be causing even more hurt to the already hurting people of Acadiana and around the globe.

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