New Orleans based company Hola Nola teamed up with a couple of other companies to bring you this delicacy. A traditional southern dish based in a chip.

The chips are made with New Orleans own Camellia red beans, with a splash of New Orleans born Crystal hot sauce to give the full Red Beans & Rice Chips experience.

"We wanted to marry the growing interest in traditional Mexican ingredients with a classic local dish," Kevin S. Holden, a founder of Hola Nola Foods said in a press release.

"There's also considerable interest in snacks made with simple ingredients but delivering bold flavor profiles. We've managed to accomplish both goals with these chips," Holden said.

You can find Red Beans & Rice Chips from Hola Nola at Rouses Markets throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Something else to know about the bags that Hola Nola uses is that they are microwaveable! So, you can enjoy a nice warm chip. Now, add the flavor of red beans & rice...Choooooo!

You gonna try you some?

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