This was amazing.

The two U.S. astronauts that were on the International Space Station returned to Earth on Sunday afternoon and their landing was spectacular.

The capsule that they were in landed in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Pensacola, FL., and it was all caught on camera.

As you may expect, there are lots of safety measures that go into retrieving the capsule, but that did not stop some recreational boaters from surrounding the capsule, while it was floating in the gulf.

Space X acknowledged that they will have to work on securing the capsule next time because a large number of private boats got too close to the capsule before it was secured.

Now, we will give some of the boaters the benefit of the doubt here. Did some boaters not know what they were looking at and simply went towards the capsule to assist? I don't know, but I do expect Space X to have more safety precautions in line the next time.

All in all, two U.S. astronauts are back home safe and the United States is back in the space business.

Check out one boat that swings past the capsule, it had a President Trump flag on it.

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