According to reports, a realtor had to lock himself inside of a home he was showing after someone who was being shown the house pulled out a knife. Baton Rouge police are investigating as they search for the woman who produced the knife as well as three men who took part in stealing from the realtor's truck.

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It was no typical day at the office for a realtor in Baton Rouge who found himself in a scary situation near Hundred Oaks. Reports say that the realtor was showing the house to a woman, but when they got to the guest house in the back of the property she pulled a knife out.

The realtor reportedly was able to escape the guest house but as he approached the vehicle that the woman was in, a man got out. This prompted the realtor to go inside of the house and lock the door. The realtor proceeded to call authorities, per the report.

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It ended up being three men along with the woman who could not get in the house. They eventually moved on to rummaging through the realtors truck, where they stole items from him according to the report.

Authorities in Baton Rouge said the suspects got away in a white Nissan.

See the report from WBRZ Channel 2 on Facebook below.

As a recent home buyer, I recognize just how busy of a job realtor's have. While the realtor in this case could have maybe done some more research on the background of the buyer before setting up a showing appointment, it is easy to comprehend how the go-go-go mentality of a relator could put them in a dangerous situation like this one.

Thankfully in this case, it seems like the realtor was able to keep themselves safe from potential danger.

Many in the comments of WBRZ Channel 2's post were disturbed by the story. See those reactions from some with realtor experience as well as concerned friends of realtors below.

Some in the comments say incidents similar to this one happen more than people realize. If this is in fact the case, let's hope all of the realtors out there have a safety plan in place in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

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