Century 21's 2013 Super Bowl commercial has some fun with the old "monster-in-law" stereotype.

In the spot, a couple is in church, getting ready to say "I do." But before they get to that, the bride's mother leans over and tells the groom, "we're going to be one big happy family." What she means is that soon they will all be under one roof, and the prospect of having to live with his mother-in-law causes the groom to faint.

"Is there a Century 21 agent in the house," the bride asks desperately.

Luckily there is, and he says he can help the couple find a starter home.

As the newlyweds leave the church, the agent tells the mother-in-law that he has already found them a house. While that probably implicates him in some pretty inappropriate smart phone use during the ceremony, the mother-in-law is nothing but thrilled and throws her arms around him.

Just another reminder that your in-laws probably aren't that fond of you either.

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