Tuesday morning, Ray Boudreaux formerly of The Voice, visited the KTDY morning show with CJ and Debbie Ray.  What happened after the mics went off was more fun.

Several weeks ago, Sam who works at KTDY and also plays in Ray Boudreaux's band, traveled with Boudreaux and the rest of the band to Las Vegas to play a show at Mandalay Bay.  When CJ and Debbie Ray found out that Sam was heading to the airport, in an hour, they hopped on the phone and asked friend Obie Hulin from Hulco T-Shirts to make up t-shirts that said, "Viva Las RAYgas".  They were delivered to the station in under one hour, just in time for them to board the plane with Sam.  The idea was for the entire band to wear them in Las Vegas.  Only one problem, Ray Boudreaux didn't get his.  He confronts the guy who failed to give him his...SAM!

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