Two Lafayette City-Parish Councilmen have proposed a resolution for this Tuesday night's meeting, that if approved, would mean that the public would be notified when council members get a pay raise.

While it's a resolution and doesn't carry the weight of law like an ordinance, it would be on the books, and the council follows procedures that it passes as resolutions.

If they vote in favor of the idea, it would show which council members agree with the idea that the public should be notified when they get a raise.

William Theriot tells KPEL that over a four-year term for a council member, the law allows for a ten percent increase in pay which can be taken in any way the council member wants over the term.

He says each term the council clerk emails each council member asking them what percentage between 1 to 10 percent of an increase they want. The maximum is a ten percent increase over the four-year term.

Theriot says people should know when this happens.


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