A four-year-old boy who went to the beach will have a bad memory of his experience.

Liam Brenes' prosthetic leg was stolen when he went to the beach with his family last weekend in Orange County, Calif.

Liam was in the water for two hours and when he got out he found the Star Wars-themed leg, as well as other supplies kept in a bag, had been taken.

Liam's leg was amputated when he was just a year old due to a rare condition.

Liam's mom teared  up while discussing the theft, saying, “It feels like someone took a piece of your child."

His dad, meanwhile, is holding out hope. “I still have a little faith in humanity,” he said. “If you took the stuff, please, just find a way to get us the leg back.”

Making matters even worse? Liam sports an orthotic on his other foot, which is missing a toe. The day before the leg was swiped, his aunt's dog ate the orthotic.

There is some good to come out of this story, though. Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec heard what happened and was so moved by the trauma the family has been under that he helped set up a VIP tour of Disneyland for Liam.

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