It's no secret that I'm a big dollar store person. I'm a customer because it's always fun to see what's stocked on the shelves, and even if you don't like an item, at least you haven't spent a fortune trying it out. And the enjoyment of getting name-brand or full-size products is intoxicating for those of us on a serious budget. And if you find a dollar store that stocks produce or perishable items, even better. And honestly, even if I didn't have to, I'd still want to shop at dollar stores.

Insider has a list of dollar store items that chefs and bakers pick up on a regular basis, and I've added in a few of my own favorites. Some people might not have dollar stores at the top of their list when looking for ingredients for a gourmet dinner, but you might be surprised at what you can find. Spices, seasonings, cookware, there's lots to choose from. Some favorite picks are below. Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

Professional Chefs Say Buy These Items at Dollar Stores

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